Beacon Realty Group LLC

About Beacon Realty Group LLC

Beacon Realty Group LLC (“BRG”) is a leading provider of commercial and residential real estate transaction services, with a strong presence in Guam.  Our use of internal and external networks, experience, industry knowledge, business understanding, and technology in each of those areas distinguishes the way we work. With our clients, we are collaborative, open and direct.  We are not content with standard solutions.  We push ourselves and our clients to think harder, to understand all of the consequences, and to consider new perspectives.  Ours is a multi-competency organization in which each line of service has a robust commitment to quality and risk management.

BRG was founded on the belief that building trust is an essential prerequisite to creating or enhancing sustainable value.  Understanding the close link between trust and value differentiates the skills BRG applies when we advise clients.  It allows us to provide a powerful combination of strategic advice and hands-on help in making solutions happen for our customers – commercial and residential real estate alike.  Beacon offers a powerful combination of independence, certified expertise, and real-world experience, personal service, professionalism, and resources.  We are small enough to provide the personal attention you expect, but deep enough to possess the service expertise you may need.

About Beacon Valuation Group LLC – BRG’s Parent Company

Beacon Valuation Group LLC (“Beacon”) is a leading provider of business valuation advisory services, founded in San Francisco, with a strong presence in the U.S. and Asia-Pacific region through its office on Guam.  Beacon’s business and intangible asset valuation practice performs strategic and financial advisory services for clients nationally and internationally throughout every phase of the economic cycle.  Our business appraisals are independent, unbiased determinations of value that are based on objective, well-documented information and analysis.  Appraisals form the foundation of transactions and business, estate, financial, and succession plans.

Beacon performs business valuations for a variety of purposes, including tax restructuring, regulatory reporting, estate and gift tax planning, sale or transfer of a business or equity interest, strategic planning, liquidation, and litigation.  Beacon values a wide array of intangible assets and intellectual property, including patents, technology, trade secrets, trade names and trademarks, corporate brands, in-process R&D, customer lists, software, licensing agreements, contractual agreements such as non-competes, and goodwill.  Beacon performs the above valuations for strategic, financial reporting, litigation, and tax purposes, including purchase price allocations (ASC 805, formerly SFAS 141R), goodwill impairment testing (ASC 350, formerly SFAS 142), ASC 820 (formerly SFAS 157), charitable donations, option pricing, and for IP holding companies.  Beacon also performs valuations for licensing purposes and other transfers of intellectual property, including transfer pricing studies in accordance with IRS Section 482.

René Hlousek, ASA, MRICS, Beacon Valuation Group’s President and founder, has co-developed industry-adopted valuation courses required for advancement and certification by the American Society of Appraisers, and been a guest speaker at various industry conferences and major professional venues, held nationwide as well as internationally, on the subject of intangible asset and intellectual property valuation.